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Holy Land Tour with Robby and Tracey

Next Two Events

Grapevine, TX
June 22 - 25, 2021
National Religious Broadcasters (NRB)
Little Rock, AR
June 26 - 27, 2021
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Robby Mitchell

travels 48 weeks a year preaching at conferences, churches, retreats and leadership summits. As he has for 34 years, Robby presents the gospel in a unique and dynamic way. Energetic, relatable and engaging, Robby has audiences leaning in with anticipation.

During Robby’s evangelistic crusades God demonstrates many signs and wonders. People are saved, filled with the Holy Spirit, physically healed, emotionally restored, and are made to feel the urging and expectation of the coming of the Lord.

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Robby Mitchell Evangelist

Life From DFW

Life From DFW

LIFE from DFW is an engaging multi-media program designed to showcase the best of the human spirit.

Inspiring and uplifting guests compel viewers to live life to the maximum. Through relatable and honest conversation each story will touch and challenge you to enjoy healthy relationships, explore inner healing and achieve personal dreams.

Hosts Robby and Tracey Mitchell interview athletes, pop cultures voices and spiritual leaders whose discussions will challenge your perspective and enrich your soul.

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The Boomerang Effect

The Boomerang Effect

Wake Up

Wake Up